Our Build Journey – To build or to buy?

Every step of the way with Renee & Zack

To build or to buy? That was the question. Either way we looked at it, it was going to cost a lot of time and money.

In the end the decision to build came down to the fact that we knew where we wanted to live, but we didn’t really like anything within our extremely modest budget. After many a pros and cons list and numerous conversations with each other, and family members, we made the decision to look for a piece of land.  So trawling through the property press and Trademe we went.

Low and behold, one night in July 2018 we came across a gorgeous slopping section at Muriwai beach. I’d like to tell you it was plain sailing to purchase the land, alas it was anything but. I had no idea of the journey we were about to embark upon and so I sit here writing this blog to give YOU the potential buyer/builder/project manager an informative guide as to what to expect, and to help troubleshoot, organise and mentally prepare yourself for the joys that are building your new home.

I will break our entire buy/build process up into 15 steps for you to jump in and out of as you gain insight and ideas for your own build journey. Come along for the ride and watch as Cambridge Homes take us Every Step Of The Way.

I start here with a picture of our wee slice of paradise.

Viewing our potential purchase. Home sweet home?