Our Vision


At Cambridge Homes, we’re with you Every Step of The Way, and here’s why…

At Cambridge Homes, our motto is to be with you every step of the way. This means that our team are dedicated to assisting you through the entire home building process. Our business extends from our roots in the Waikato, all the way through to building homes in Tauranga, Auckland, Taupo, Hawkes Bay and across New Zealand.

Our aim is to make your decision to build your home with Cambridge Homes the easiest you will make. This is because we are a team that cares. We put your needs first, and always have a financial frame of mind making everything we offer affordable. In doing so, quality is never sacrificed, as you will see throughout our website!


“Be The Architect”

— Tim Santner, Director – Cambridge Homes

At Cambridge Homes we work hard to offer award-winning designs, the best materials and most experienced tradespeople. We do this to provide value for money and give our customers the peace of mind that their home is in the right hands.

As a client of ours, we encourage your creative side and want your ideas to come to life. We want to turn your dreams into a reality in your new home.


“Think Differently”

— Phil Webb, Director – Cambridge Homes, Waikato

When you buy an existing home, you are buying the ideas of someone else, the choices of someone else and ultimately the home of someone else. When you decide to build a home the ideas are yours, the choice is yours and the home is yours. Our team specializes in building magnificent homes with unique points of difference because we encourage our clients to be individual.


“Every Step Of The Way”

— Mike Lough – Director, Cambridge Homes Auckland

It is the mantra that everyone within our company works towards. It is our commitment to you. When you build with Cambridge Homes we will be right there with you. It is our promise that each tradesperson you come into contact with during the building process will give the highest quality of service possible.

During your project, our team is never more than a phone-call away. Be it to our friendly and experienced sales team all the way through to our professional architects, we are always available for anything you need.

When you build a Cambridge Home, you will know exactly what to expect. We are always open and honest so there will be no nasty surprises along the way. We have years of experience in making our clients aware of reasonable and realistic quotes and specifications through thorough planning.

“Invest In A Cambridge Homes Franchise!”

— Peter Santner, Director – Cambridge Homes

At Cambridge Homes we offer the chance for anyone who is motivated and driven to become involved. Our company network is managed in our head office in Hamilton, but we currently have franchises based in Auckland, Taupo/Central, Bay of Plenty and Waikato. We provide ongoing support to each of these teams.

We have a franchise package ready to be reviewed and considered at any stage. Our company philosophy “Every Step of the Way” and core values run throughout our business model, covering our franchise partners as well as our clients, so we will be with you all the way.

If you have a desire and the motivation to succeed in the construction industry, we want to hear from you. Head to our contact page and get in touch.