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Build your dream home with only 5% deposit!

Finance from NewBuild Residential Construction Lending

Cambridge Homes partner with NewBuild to make your dreams become reality!

A successful build requires three ingredients. The first is choosing the right section. This means enjoying your neighbourhood and community, and it should grow with you and in value. At Cambridge Homes we pride ourselves on our range of sections you can choose from.

The second ingredient is choosing the right builder. We understand the need to trust your builder to build your home in time, with pricing in mind and at the best quality. Cambridge Homes have the pedigree to do this for you and are an award-winning company for what we have done previously.

The third ingredient is finance. Finance is something that cannot be an afterthought – especially when it comes to building a new home. Financing successfully can push the entire home building experience to a new level. We have partnered with NewBuild to be our preferred residential construction lending specialists. They have the same drive and passion which we do to make your experience as easy as possible. If you are caught in between building or buying a new home, their unique options will give you the benefits of building.

NewBuild can be thought of as a personal finance manager when building a new home. NewBuild can relieve much of the perceived stresses and risks around building. NewBuild are specialists in residential construction lending and will guide you through the entire financial process so you are fully understanding of what is happening at any time. They can advise you for years to come.

The passion that Cambridge Homes and NewBuild shares within the industry is why this partnership has proven fruitful. With preferential lending criteria as low as 5% deposit for house and land packages, you are sure to get great advice, great interest rates and a less expensive path to a brand new home from NewBuild.

Call NewBuild, your residential construction lending specialist today for your loan approval – you’ll be surprised how easy it can be:

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