HISTORY – Our Building Story

Cambridge Homes was just a twinkle in the eye of Sepp Santner, when he moved to NZ from Austria, in late 1953. In 1956 Sepp started Santner Construction Ltd and became a founding member of Master Builders in the Waikato in 1965. He was instrumental in building schools throughout NZ as well as building houses for Housing Corp and high-end homes throughout the Waikato. Peter was the first of his five children to be born, 3 sisters came in between with Tim rounding out the troop. Both boys were inspired by their father to build. It wasn’t long before they were both working in the family business, being instilled with the integrity and values that are the foundations of Cambridge Homes today. “A crooked plank of wood costs as much as a straight one, so we are hand picking every single plank,” was just one of Sepp’s pearls of wisdom. It is now 20 years since Cambridge Homes was founded, and just like the straight planks of wood, Tim and Peter have selected a great team of highly talented individuals to uphold and follow through with these core beliefs and values. Their pride and passion for building beautiful, premium homes and taking their clients through every step of the process is as present today as it was in the Santner household 60 years ago.

COMMUNICATION – Keeping You Up To Date

You have decided to build a new home and want to know you have made the right decision.  At Cambridge Homes we know that an enjoyable building experience comes down to great  COMMUNICATION. Consider us your ‘building buddy’! We will be along-side you throughout the new home build process. From your first consultation with our conscientious sales teams, to the guidance and support demonstrated by our project managers. This will mean we are with you through the entirety of the building process. We’ll be there from the moment you walk through our doors to the moment we give you the keys to yours..


CUSTOMER STORIES – “Walk a mile in our shoes”

Janet & Nicholas Munnings

I can thoroughly recommend building with Cambridge Homes, achieving your dream home with them will be a pleasure all round.

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Michelle Rudolph

Nothing was ever a problem, from changing roof style to choosing my kitchen. So easy! Thank you Cambridge Homes, very much appreciated.”

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Haley & Nigel Johnson

We absolutely loved building with Cambridge Homes and we’d definitely do it again. We love our place, so thank you very much!

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Hugh & Lynese Bruce

This is our first build and we’re going to have a house that we love. It has been a really straight forward process for us!

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Hayley Garrett

Building with Cambridge homes was an effortless procedure. They were with me every step of the way…

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Matthew Stone

Paul and Kate have been extremely supportive and very helpful when I contacted them to investigate if I could afford to build a home for…

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Ron & Margaret Stockley

To deal with nice, helpful, and considerate people has been our pleasure. To live in a home we are proud to show off really reflects your…

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Christopher & Robyn Evans

We couldn’t be more delighted with our home built by Cambridge Homes. The whole process has been amazing, they kept in touch with…

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Pat & Anne Bridson

Building with Cambridge Homes was just so simple. You ask for something to be done and it just happens…

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Helen Lee

We would like you all to know we have found the building process of our new home a positive experience….

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