Every step of the way

It’s is our philosophy. Our entire business model is built around these five words and it is our commitment to you and your family. We want to make the building process as easy as possible. Let’s look at the steps that we will take together on the journey of building your new home.

Cambridge Homes New Home Builders 10 Steps


Our phone lines are always open, our user friendly website will assist you through the steps, we have Show Homes dotted throughout the country, and you can visit our stands at Home Shows and trade events New Zealand wide.

You’ll need to let us know a few details: do you have land already, or if you are looking for a house and land package? If you need land, where do you want to live? Corner section? Lifestyle block? We have relationships with real estate agents across NZ and will often have sites on hand to sell. You let us know where you’d like to live, and we will find you the land suitable for your future home.

If you have your own land. That’s great, let’s arrange a visit to your site to discuss designs that will suit the sun, wind and contours of your land.

This first step will give us an answer to whether one of our designer plan range houses will work on your site or whether you want a custom designed build.

Cambridge Homes New Home Builders


The greatest benefit of building a home is that you get exactly what you want. Sit down with one of our team and make a list of the things you can’t live without e.g. wooden floors or a tiled bathroom. That way, when it comes to concepts and pricing your home, we know the things that need to stay in and can look for other ways to bring down the cost, if needs be.

Browse our website, it is packed full of inspiration, or call us any time for advice. 

Cleveland house and land package ohakune for sale
Cambridge Homes New Home Plans


This is where you decide the design of your home. If it’s a custom design, we will sit down with you and one of our architects/designers to come up with a concept that will work on the piece of land you have chosen or currently own. If you have chosen a plan from the Cambridge Homes Designer Plan Range, we sit down and make sure the floor plan has everything you need.

If the plan is not sufficient, we can alter any of the plans to suit your site and style.

Designer Plan
Cambridge Homes New Home Builders


Once you have decided on the house design, we then prepare an addendum to specify what will go into the house. You’ll sit down with one of the Cambridge Homes building consultants to select the colour, size and style of everything that will make up your home, e.g. kitchen fittings, bathroom tiles, floor coverings.

Once all specifications have been finalised we then take the addendum to our Quantity Surveyor to price your build.

At Cambridge Homes we firmly believe in providing you absolutely everything that will be required to build your home e.g., retaining walls, landscaping, septic tanks and driveways.

From here we create a fixed price quote.

That means no hidden costs. If the quote comes back and doesn’t suit your budget, we can go back to the specifications and choose a more suited option.

Cambridge Homes New Home Build Plans & Builds


It’s a scary step, but one that will benefit your every move from here on in.

Cambridge Homes have teamed up with the guys at Squirrel to help make this step so much easier for you. There is a link under finance on our website that will take you through various lending options.

There is also a mortgage calculator for you to find out how much you may be able to borrow.

Once you have talked to the finance professionals you will have a fair idea of how much you are now able to borrow to build your new home.

Cambridge Homes New Home Builders & Plans


Get excited! This is the step where we sign the building contract. This will contain your plans, addendum, and an agreed fixed price.

Cambridge Homes New Home Builders


Once the contract is signed and the deposit is made, we then complete the working drawings of your home and present these to council to obtain Building Consent.

Cleveland Designer Plan Range design NZ Cambridge Homes
Cambridge Homes New Home Build Company


At this step you will be introduced to the Project Manager who oversees the construction of your home and will be in contact with you throughout the entirety of your build. There is alot going on at this time and lots of decisions to be made along the way.

They will make sure you are aware of all that is happening on your build and get your feedback on decisions to be made during the process.

They will update you on progress throughout and can effectively be known as your ‘Building Buddy’.

Cambridge Homes New Home Build Company


Completion. Woohoo! Your home is ready. A week out from handing you the keys, we will walk you through to explain the features of your new home.

Together we complete the final quality control checks and once the completion certificate has been signed you are ready to move in.

Cambridge Homes Build A New Home
Cambridge Homes New Home Building Company NZ


A member of your Cambridge Homes team will check in with you at regular intervals over the first 12 months and ensure any issues are sorted.

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