2022 is already in full swing and so far we’ve kept an eye on all of the expected house building trends of this new year. Trends come and go but some of these emerging trends are definitely here to stay!

As one of New Zealand’s most popular house building companies, here’s what our team at Cambridge Homes thinks we’ll see more of in 2022!

Eco Conscious

We have already entered into an age where homeowners and house building companies alike are far more eco conscious about what materials they use, and renewable energy sources are becoming far more popular when looking as to how the home should be powered. Sustainable building techniques are also being employed.

A Move Away From Open Plan Living

For a long time open plan living was all the rage, but since the pandemic many homeowners are realising some of the downsides to this type of living area. It does not offer much privacy and it can be very noisy, especially if you are trying to work from home. Divided living spaces with rooms that have definitive purposes offer homeowners some modern solutions.

Warmer Colour Palettes/ Warm Neutrals

For a long time, cool crisp whites were very popular in homes of all types. But we are slowly moving away from this somewhat clinical feel and moving more towards warmer colour palettes, especially colours that fall within the warm neutral categories.


More than ever, the home should be a place to relax and feel comfortable, and that is becoming more and more important to homeowners around the world. Comfort and relaxation means having soft lighting that’s easy on the eyes, cosy furniture, incorporating outdoor features inside and so much more.

Unique Features

More and more homeowners are really wanting their homes to feel uniquely like their own are no longer building homes with zero character that can easily be sold on to the next faceless buyer. What house building companies are going to see a lot more of is homeowners with original ideas and concepts that they want to incorporate to give their homes originality and character.

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