“As our supplier of the year for 2019, Fairview aluminium doors and windows shine a light on why Suppliers and our relationships with them matter”

– Tim Santner, Cambridge Homes Director

Developing great supplier networks are the building blocks to a well-crafted, resilient supply chain. In the building industry where there are many decision makers and complex decisions made under tight deadline it’s imperative that you have a great supplier that really understands and engages effectively with your business. Not only is this relationship important to the Builder and Project Manager but also the Customer themselves.

“Partnering up is the key to winning in a highly dynamic marketplace.”

At Fairview they aim to be Cambridge Homes supplier of choice, which literally means they are constantly working on doing things incrementally to remain better than their counterparts, and in doing so challenge themselves in ways to keep improving and remain relevant.

Fairview have outlined three core elements which they and we believe are critical to success.

The first step is to provide market leading, quality products that not only meet the end user or consumers’ needs but add value in the supply chain by increasing efficiencies  and productivity. Developing leading products are based on the holistic supply and install of the product at a competitive rate.

Fairview’s latest system ‘Fairview one’ is a testament to this way of thinking. The evolution of a product that improves efficiencies from specification, pricing, manufacture, installation whilst improving the outcomes for the home owner. This new product is both aesthetically market leading but also improves thermal and acoustic performance for the customer, somewhat important with us living in close proximity to one another.

Operational excellence is all about ensuring that we consistently meet deadlines set out during the construction phase and work alongside project managers to supply goods on time and in full. Fairview understand the importance and ensure with early customer engagement that projects are designed, quoted and supplied considering cost benefits and suitability.

“Capability and experience across all these aspects leads to a great customer experience.”

In order to optimise and execute without compromising on quality, the overall experience comes down to great communication and most importantly a focus on people. People are the back bone of high-performing business. In the construction industry this can’t be overstated. If there are delays, queries and unexpected problems, these are managed and resolved far better when there is empathy and great conflict resolution.

At Cambridge Homes we treat our suppliers as an extension of our amazing team. Without them we couldn’t deliver the beautiful homes we build for our wonderful customers, and for this we will always be grateful.

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