Pastel? Bold? Subtle? Muted?

Colour selection is definitely one of the “glamour tasks’ when building your own home. There is something about choosing the colours for your kitchen, carpets, tiles, walls and even your roof that give substance to the words “home sweet home”. The really great thing about colour is that you’re allowed to like what you like.

If browns aren’t your thing, you don’t have to suffer through it. Conversely, if you want an orange feature wall, then who’s going to stop you? Your home, your way!

New Zealanders are traditionally very safe when it comes to their colour selections. We like to bring the outside in and for most this means a neutral colour palette. Whites, creams, greens, greys and browns are tones most popular with new home builds in New Zealand.

A common rule of thumb for using a basic three-colour palette, often used in interior design, is known as the 60-30-10 Rule. You make your dominant hue account for 60% of what you paint in the room, while 2 accent colours or hues makes up the remaining 30% and 10%.

When decorating a small space, consider using lighter colours on both the wall and ceiling to make the room seem bigger and brighter. Alternatively if you have a small room but love dark colours, it’s possible to have it all without feeling like you’re living in a cave. One option is to paint one wall dark and then use a much lighter shade of that same colour on the other walls.

At Cambridge Homes we find that the majority of our customers will come in with a mood board from Pinterest or a scrap-book of colours they have collected together. When it comes to choosing your living, flooring, roofing, kitchen and bathroom colours, the team at Cambridge Homes can take you through all of the options available. We will be with you every step of the way.