When you are having a new home built, you basically have two options available to you when it comes to the design, you can have a custom design or you can opt for a pre-designed house plan. This can be a rather tricky decision for a lot of homeowners.

As experienced residential builders in Auckland, we have seen first hand the many benefits that our pre-designed house plans have offered our valued clients. Let’s have a closer look at some of these benefits!

Time Saving

If you want to start making things happen quickly, then a pre-designed plan could definitely be the right choice for you. A lot of time is saved by not having to liaise with an architect and wait for plans to be drawn up.


When it comes to pre-designed homes one of the biggest benefits is the cost savings involved. The design has already been created so there is no need to pay an architect or have any additional plans drawn up. Any unexpected costs would have been discovered in previous builds.

Resale Opportunity

Because pre-designed plans are built around what plans are generally popular, these homes are often a lot easier to resell at a later stage than custom homes that have various, very specific customisations that may not be very appealing to the general population who are looking to invest in a home.

Know Exactly What You’re Getting

One of the biggest advantages to getting a pre-designed home is that you know exactly what you’re getting. You may be able to have a virtual tour of the home, or alternatively visit a showroom that is built using the exact same plans that you have chosen. This gives you a very accurate idea of the finished product.

Our Pre-Designed House Plans at Cambridge Homes

Here at Cambridge Homes, our residential builders in Auckland have a wide range of pre-designed plans for you to choose from. We currently have well over a dozen homes that are all at different price points and are made with a variety of customers in mind. Additionally, we have showrooms in the Auckland area that you are more than welcome to visit and get a clear idea of what our builders are capable of!

Looking for reliable residential builders in Auckland? Here at Cambridge Homes we specialise in custom as well as pre-designed home plans. Whatever your desires for your new home, we can help you achieve your dream home!